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 Serengeti national park safari

Serengeti national park safari is exciting experience of wildlife beyond imagination that gives travelers a great opportunity to encounter the live action at the endless plains of Serengeti national park.  Serengeti national park is one of the best national parks not only in Tanzania but entire world. The park has the largest and oldest ecosystem in Africa which has remained unchanged for many years. Serengeti national park is among the oldest protected areas in the world. It was gazetted in 1921 as protected area to protect the population of lions and other big cats from hunters. In 1951 it gained its popularity and was declared as national park. Till date Serenegti remains the premium national parks in Tanzania. Its located in the famous Northern Tourist circuit that is made up of four Tanzania national parks of: Lake Mnayara national park, Tarangire National park, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti national park.

wildebeests in serengeti

After some years, Serengeti was declared as World’s Heritage Site in 1981, later voted as 7th Natural wonders of Africa due to the famous Wildebeest migration.  Serengeti national park inhabits over 2,500 lions, more than 1.5 million wildebeest, more than 53,000 buffalo and many more. Serengeti national park hosts all the five members of the African big 5 those are Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalo and Rhinos. The park is famous with its high population of predators especially lions and leopards. Other predators include Cheetahs, Jackals, Hyenas, Jennet cat and many more. Serengeti national park safari is a fascinating encounter that gives you great opportunity to be the eye witness of true African wildlife. Serengeti national park safari never disappoints. Budget Uganda Gorilla safaris organizes the best Serengeti national park safaris.


The Serengeti national park safari is all year around packages that are rich with great adventure. For special experience like the wildebeest migration you have to get the rightful time when the wildebeest migration happens. Budget Uganda Gorilla safaris consultants are familiar with the entire circle of the wildebeest migration. Wildebeest migration is one of the world’s largest animal migration. The park is much famous due the wildebeest migration and most guests who want to visit the park wants to experience the great wildebeest migration.

However, the Serengeti national park safari is beyond animals and it extends to the wide range of bird species fopund at the park. Serengeti national park is a home of over 500 bird species hence making a birding safaris more unique and exciting. Birders enjoy the park as birding paradise and get good news on the long list. The Serengeti Ecosystem homes five specials that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Birding in Serengeti national park is best months for birding is during the rainy season from March to May and November when the birds are breeding. Its from this time to that the park receives migratory birds from different parts of the world. Serengeti also has 34 species of raptors hence making it one of the few destinations which such great number of raptor species.


Serengeti national park safari also gives you a good chance to experience the best rare plant species. There are over 314 plant species. These include different grass species, shrubs and trees that are distributed across the national park. Some of the plant species are medicinal while others are true Africa native trees that are only found in Serengeti national park.Trees of Serengeti The different vegetation types that form the endless plains of Serengeti national park has contributed to the wide range of the plant species. The vegetation ranges from the short open grasslands in the Southern part of Serengeti. This area which covers Ndutu Area where the calving season is done to the forested areas in the Northern park near the shores of lake Victoria where the rare Black Rhinos are found. The Seronera area also called the central Area is dotted with the Acacia trees and short grasslands hence attracting more wildlife. The dotted Acacia trees are a home of the shy leopards and they are tree climbing lions that are easily seen in Seronera area.

Serengeti national park safari tours is enticed more with the park scenery which is composed of open plains , rivers and the volcanic rocks also called as Kopjes. The dotted Kopjes are the best spotting spots for the large prides of lions especially in the morning when they come there for sun bathing. The big cats also use these kopjes as their trapping territories for the prey which come around looking for green pastures and water at the kopjes. Taking time and do Serengeti national park safari tours is golden chance that gives you beyond expectations in the wildlife encounter.


You will also enjoy the diversified unique Masaai cultural tours during your Serengeti national park safari. You will enjoy the local Maasai visit from the time you start your drive from Arusha till you reach Serengeti national park. The Maasai are the only true African people whose culture has remain traditional amidst all the impact of the current world modernization. Maasai In SerengetiTheir life style is true Africanism and they are the only people who have managed to leave in harmony with wildlife at the protected area with little impact on each other. They have unique cultures from their dressing codes down to the way of dancing, community organization and many more aspects of culture and tradition. Donot miss these locals when planning for your Serengeti national park safari.

Serengeti national park safari can be done in the four sections of Serengeti national park those are: central Region (Seronera area), Western Region (Grumneti area), Southern Region  (Ndutu Area) and Northern Region  (The Mara Area)

The above four regions can be visited in different times of the year hence making Serengeti one of the parks that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The wildlife migration follows the rainfall patterns and each region is special on its own uniqueness.  Hence good timing and planning of your Serengeti national park safari gives great success of wildlife experience. Unlock your desire for ones in life time wildlife experience through our Serengeti national park safari tours. Talk to our consultants and they can send you tailor made itinerary at budget friendly costs.

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