Budget Uganda gorilla safaris

Budget Uganda Gorilla Safaris is a fully registered local tour operator that offers unique life time African wildlife safari experience. Our team experts are ready to serve you with great smile of Africa. We have offices in Kenya, Tanzania and head office in Uganda in Kampala the capital city. We arrange a fleet of pocket friendly gorilla safaris in Uganda, Gorilla safaris in Rwanda, Budget wildlife safaris, Wildebeest migration safaris, Serengeti safaris, Tanzania safaris, Kenya safaris, primate safaris in Uganda, primate safaris in Rwanda. Are you a birder? We have supprise for you with our wide range of birding safaris across all the East African countries some include: Budget birding safaris in Kenya, Budget birding safaris in Tanzania, Budget Birding safaris in Rwanda and Budget birding safaris in Uganda. We organize education Tours, Honeymoon tours, beach holidays, mountaineering or hiking safaris to Kilimanjaro, Mount Rwenzori, Mount Elgon, Mount Kenya and others. Cultural tours, family tours, volunteering in our school and many more. Please contact us and get instant response for your inquiry or contact us on whatsapp any time of the day.

Budget Uganda Gorilla safaris is started by experienced local driver guide who have moved all national parks and protected areas of East Africa. My vast experience has made us serve our guests beyond their expectations. We handle solo travelers, family and group travelers up to 100 people. We cover the best of East Africa that is Uganda safaris, Kenya safaris, Rwanda safaris and Tanzania safaris.

Budget Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Featured Uganda and Gorilla trekking safaris

Volcanoes national park

3 Day Uganda gorilla safaris.

Our guide/driver picks you at from your hotel in Kampala  for your transfer to Bwindi. Drive to Mbarara (283km from Kampala) via Masaka.

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3 Days Ngorongoro Tarangire Safari

8 Days Uganda safari.

8 days Uganda safari and holiday takes you to see primates, enjoy comprehensive game drives,  Uganda scenery,  with game viewing.

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4 days Tanzania safari

5 Day uganda gorilla & wildlife safari.

We embark on long drive to Bwindi Impenetrable NP passing through little towns and villages having a stopover.

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10 days Uganda safari

10 Days Uganda safari.

10 days Uganda safari, enjoy comprehensive game drives,  Uganda scenery,  with game viewing on the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth .

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Budget Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Why Budget Uganda Gorilla Safaris?

Our service is beyond expectations of the guests, we offer luxury safari experience at Affordable costs. Our trips are also multi-country hence making you to use only one East African tourist visa and visit more countries. We deliver beyond our promise hence our transparency and trust worthiness has made us unique from the rest of other operators. You get what you booked with addition of the company bonus. Some of the highlights of our safari packages are Budget Uganda gorilla safaris, Budget Rwanda Gorilla safari, Budget Kenya safaris, Budget Tanzania safaris. For credibility please check on our trip advisor for the clients reviews.

Gorilla trekking Information

Gorilla trekking duration / Uganda budget gorilla safari duration

Volcanoes national parkGorilla trekking ( budget gorilla trekking)  is one of the unique wildlife/primate experience in the travel world. Its lifetime experience after doing the Gorilla trekking. Mountain gorillas are the unique primate species that are found in only three countries in the whole world. The population of the mountain Gorillas in the world has not yet reached 2000 gorillas. The rare species has attracted the attention of many travelers to come and experience, see and take time with these rare appes. When planning for this great activity many travelers ask a lot of question like How much is Gorilla trekking safari? Can I do Budget Gorilla trekking? How long is Gorilla trekking? And many more. Talking about the cost of Gorilla trekking many want to know the price of the Gorilla permit. Others want to know whether the Gorilla trekking experience is worth the amount of the gorilla permit. With no doubt, we are here to answer all your thought questions. Just keep update with our blog posts where all those questions and others are answered. We do inform all our potential travelers the relevant information that can help them get the best African experience.

Gorilla trekking duration is the time you spend trekking the gorillas, we count it from the time you enter the park to the time you leave the park. The Gorilla trekking duration covers even some events within the park that is divided in to three sections.

  1. Before Gorilla trekking
  2. During Gorilla trekking
  3. After the Gorilla trekking

The combination of the above three points make up what is considered as Gorilla trekking duration. These all happens in the day when you are doing the gorilla trekking after leaving your lodge where you spent a night from. Please note that you have to get a lodge which is near your trekking sector. Many travelers especially self-drive guests tend to book the lodge which is not on the same sector where your gorilla permit indicates. Bwindi impenetrable national park has for sectors where Gorilla trekking is done those are Ruhija, Buhoma, Rushaga and Nkuringo. These sectors are far from each other.

Before Gorilla trekking

Budget Uganda Gorilla SafarisThis is a session of briefing and entertainment, you have to report to the park headquarters by 7am in the morning. After reporting you will have great entertainment by the locals with their traditional performances. As the locals are entertaining you, your driver guide will be clearing with the park officials to affirm whether you booked Gorilla permit or not. Also they verify your details with the help of your original passport. The guide will take the copy of the Gorilla permit receipt. After their performance you will be gathered together for the briefing by the game ranger. This is where you will be given the details of your expectations from Gorilla trekking. You will be given all the Gorilla trekking rules and regulations, after the team will be spilited in to groups of 8 members that will be led by the game ranger. Each group will be assigned one gorilla family to trek. The game ranger that will be your leader will be give you details of the Gorilla family you’re going to trek like how many Gorillas are in the family, how many males, how many females, how many young ones and other necessary information about that gorilla family. After the briefing we now enter in to the juggle to start our long awaited experience of the Gorilla trekking experience. This leads us to our second session of the Gorilla trekking duration. This first phase of Gorilla trekking duration takes 30 minutes to one hour depending on the weather of the day.

During Gorilla trekking

budget Uganda gorilla safariThis is the most exciting and valuable time that accounts for the Gorilla trekking duration. The guests will now trail through the impenetrable forest in search for gentle appes. The trekking is done in slow motion at the speed less than 30 kilometers per hour favoring all ages of the trackers. This is now the actual action and experience the tourist expects and this is the highlight of the Gorilla trekking safari. The Gorilla trekking duration during this face takes from 1 hour to 7 hours depending on the movements of the gorillas. You will be tracking the gorillas in their trails with the guidance of the ranger. The chances of seeing the gorillas is almost 100% , after meeting the gorillas tourists are allowed only maximum of one hour with the gorillas. You are expected to observe all the Gorilla trekking rules and regulations while with the Gorillas. You will be enjoying all the live action with the gorillas. You take enough pictures and videos while observing the Gorilla trekking rules and regulations.

After trekking

budget uganda gorilla safarisThis is another aspect to consider when answering the Gorilla trekking duration question. This is the time spent coming out of the jungle. Depending on the location where the gorilla family is located or was found from. Sometimes the rangers will communicate with your driver guides to come and pick you up at certain point. You will then come back to the park headquarters where you will share memories with other travelers and the guide on how the Gorilla experience was. The park always organizes the trekking certificates for all the trekkers who have successfully trekked the gorillas. This ceremony takes around 10 to 20 minutes then you drive back to your lodge for refreshments.

Considering all this you may think Gorilla trekking duration may last for the full day but its not the case its always from one hour to 8 hours a day. You can budget for other extra evening activities if you wish. Gorilla trekking duration is one of the key things to consider when planning for your Gorilla safari in any country where Gorilla trekking is done.

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