Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is one of the premium national parks that is located in the Southern part of Kenya bordering Tanzania. The park is also close to the famous Mt Kilimanjaro which is the highest peak in Africa. The park is one of the close protected areas to the capital city Nairobi, It hosts the largest population of African Elephants in entire Kenya. The park is endosed by a wide range of tourist’s attractions and this has made the park one of the most popular national parks not only in Kenya but entire Africa. Visiting Kenya for wildlife game minus reaching Amboseli is more of incomplete.

The park was established in 1974 as national park. It has great history as one of the oldest protected areas in Kenya which was first established as a game reserve in 1906. It was named as Maasai Amboseli game reserve before it was upgraded to the status of the national park. It was later in 1991 that park was declared UNESCO world heritage site so as to protect, preserve and conserve the different unique species at the park.

Due to a wide range of habitants that cover the park, it has opened a wide gates for the different animal species at the park. The scenic views of the mountain Kilimanjaro is one of the added advantage the park has capitalised for its popularity. Its such a small protected area covering only 392 square kilometres this makes it easily explored

Location and accessibility of Amboseli national park Kenya

Amboseli national park is found 365 kilometres or 226 miles Southeast of Nairobi. The park can be reached within 3 to 4 hours’ drive from Nairobi. Amboseli national park Kenya is located in Kajiado County in the South of Kenya. Its found in the North west part of mount Kilimanjaro the African highest Mountain. The park can be accessed through two different routes though all originating from Nairobi. You can access it through Nairobi –Mombasa road. If your in the South in the coastal area of Mombasa, Tsavo West national park or Tsavo East National park it is about 460 kilometres entering through Kimana Gate.

How to access Amboseli national park Kenya

By road

The park can be accessed from both Nairobi in the North and Mombasa in the south along the coastal area. If you are from Nairobi there are two main routes which can be used to access the park. All these routes are in good conditions hence making it first and easy to reach to the park. You will access the park is through Nairobi via Namanga on Nairobi-Arusha road. This route is the shortest route that we mostly ose for a day trips to the park entering through the Meshanani Gate. The other route which is short is using Nairobi- Mombasa road via Emali. You can enter to the park from the South through Kimana in Olkelunyiet Gate.

By Air

The park has one airstrip along the Empuseli that is used by small aircrafts inside the park. The driver guide will pick you at the airstrip.

Amboseli national park attractions

Amboseli national park is gifted by a wide range of attractions that are found at the park. Budget Uganda Gorilla safaris offers a good number of Kenya safaris to Amboseli national park. Our range of experienced drivcer guides makes your Amboseli trip more remarkable. The park activities are the ways the guests can fully exploring the best of the park through doing some or all the activities at the park depending on your budget and planned length of stay at the park. Below are the key Amboseli national park Attractions:

Observation Hill

Got its name from the act where by the pyramid shaped hill is used for the aerial and observation. Its spotting place for the wildlife as well as the aerial views of the park. It’s the only point for the guest to have 360 degrees view of the park. Its also the best point for observing the African sun rise or Sun set. This is where walking safaris are done in Amboseli national park, the summit allows you to have great observation of park.


Amboseli national park Kenya is gifted with over 420 bird species. Birding is one of the best activities that is done in Amboseli rainy season. Birding is done from March to May and also around November. These are rainy months of the year in Kenya. The birds are breeding during the rainy season and park also receives more migratory birds across the world. Birds spotted include: Hartlaub’s bustard, von der decken’s hornbill, Famlingo, Egrets, Pelicans, Herons, Crowned cranes, pamgani longclaw, steel-blue whydah Secretary birds, Love birds, Starlings, Ostriches,White-bellied goway bird and many more.

Sinet delta

The delta is located just few meters a way the famous Observation Hill in the North. This is the birding paradise where birders experience. The place is bush mostly dominated by Acacia that attracts more giraffes at this area. Its also a good viewing point for Mt Kilimanjaro the African highest peak.

Lake Amboseli

Another key attraction of Amboseli national park is the Lake called Lake Amboseli. Locatyed at the center/heart of the park is a meeting point of all wildlife at the park. This is a place where the wildlife come and quench water. This is part of the park where the park got its name from. The attraction is where boat cruise is done and great game viewing. The showers of the lake is a home for the different swamp bird species that are found at this park.


The Amboseli national park Kenya is a home of different mammal species especially the African Elephants, lions, leopards, Buffalo, Giraffes, Wildebeests, Hyenas, Gazelles, Topis, Dikdik, Kudu, Oribi, African wild dogs, Foxes, Hippos, Giraffes, zebras mention but a few. The park is famous of its great population of mammals that are easily seen roaming freely in the wilderness. Game viewing is best done throughout the year though the most preferred time is during the dry season of the year.

Activities done in Amboseli national park

There are several activities that guests can enjoy during their trip to this park. Some of the highlights of the activities include:


Boat cruise

Game viewing

Walking safaris

Hiking and many more

Our experienced product managers have developed different products for travellers who wish to go to Amboseli National park for a safari. Always feel free to contact our team for further guidance on how to plan a safari to Amboseli.

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